Friday, December 7, 2012

Last Days of Showers

Well, the holiday season is officially upon us and I have managed to get in the spirit a little.  It is so difficult when I have so much to do that isn't holiday related, but there is some Christmas happening in our house just not fully yet.  But before I post about the Christmas up in our house, I wanted to share my last two baby showers with you all fine folks.  One word describes the creativity and awesomeness of them, FABULOUS.  I am so grateful to have such great family and friends to share this joyous occasion with. 

Ok, first up, my shower in Austin a la my friends Frauke and Susan.  Frauke graciously hosted the event at her beautiful home back in the beginning of November, and was most definitely the hostess with the mostess.  She made everyone ooo and ahhh over her beautiful snack table and decor.

If you can't tell in the photo above, everything was labeled with little signs!  That's my kind of party! Oh and the main theme was taken from the fabric I am using to make baby girl's curtains in her nursery.  So cute!

I would have to say that Frauke did an amazing job especially considering this was her first baby shower.  Being from Germany, this isn't a typical tradition, so I was so happy that she wanted to host it!

Susan also did an amazing job making all the guest corsages with name tags and running the party games.  She was a great gift helper as well, mostly when she did small performances with the ribbons. 

The games were great, difficult, but great.  The hardest was matching celebrity names to their babies names.  Seriously, I can't believe some of the names.  Then the group had to draw a baby and I had the privilege of judging them.  I have to say, the competition was stiff...

but there can only be one winner, and that was Frauke!  I promise I had no idea the drawing was hers, she just was such a great artiste!

Next up was a shower in Lubbock,TX just a week ago.  Lubbock is where I went to Junior High and High School and my mother and sister still live there.  It was so great to see so many faces I hadn't seen in a while and faces of women whom I'm sure my mother talks non-stop about the arrival of her first grand baby with, and be with great friends and family.  

My beautiful Granny even made it, there in blue, with our dear friend Bernice. 

My sister and mother hosted this shower at my sister's house.  The theme was baby shoes and they were EVERYWHERE!  It was so fun to see all the different shoes laid out and then matching them to all the clothes we received as gifts. 

I have to say that they also did an amazing job with the food.  This shower was a brunch and so we had brunchy stuff like egg casserole, pigs in blankets, fruits, and of course banana cupcakes.  They are truly amazing from a place called Cake in Lubbock. 

After food came games and gifts.  The games were good like guess the baby food, which I am horrible at...

How many baby gummy bears in the bottle, which my friend Renee won!  Oh and let me also say here that our friend Lenny who is Renee's husband took all the pictures at the shower, which turned out amazing!

The last game was sculpt a baby out of Play doh, a repeat from the Albuquerque shower, but still fun nonetheless.  I again had the privilege of judging the sculpted babies and the winner was Karen!  Nice sculpting ma'am!

Thanks again to all the ladies who showed up to my showers to support me and my growing family!  It means the world to me and Devin that our baby girl has so much love already.  We will be forever grateful. 
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