Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #46

As Christmas is rounding the corner quickly, I am loving every minute with our baby girl.  To see her discover all things Christmas is a joy.  She loves our Christmas tree and will "gently" pull off her favorite ornament from the bottom to play with.  She will then try ever so cautiously to place it back on the tree, then repeat several times.  She has also been enjoying Christmas music since Halloween basically thanks to dad.  She is quite good at playing her jingle bells as we sing to her.  She loves it!  

She is getting stronger and stronger on her legs and has actually taken a few steps on her own before falling to her bottom.  

We have seen no evidence of teeth yet but she does LOVE her teething toy and pretty much carries it around everywhere to chew on whenever she needs to.  All she wants for Christmas is her two bottom teeth...

Week 46

We were doing pretty good during this photo session...

Week 46A

then someone broke up the party!  Vivi loves Roxie!

Week 46B

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #45

We survived Thanksgiving and have made it to Vivienne's 45th week.  She has been a little under the weather and clutching her mouth.  We have high hopes that her teeth will make an appearance soon and explain the fussiness as of late.  She is appreciating her teething toys these days and is managing to put various things in her mouth.  

Her absolute favorite thing to do right now is to open and close and open and close doors.  Big doors, little doors, any doors.  This includes cabinets.  This morning she closed me in the closet actually...  

This time of year is particularly exciting for Vivienne because there is an abundance of bells around for her to jingle until her hearts desire.  She keeps pretty good rhythm to Jingle Bells actually!  

She is moving on her feet with the help of a walker I found for her.  It is so crazy to see her on two feet pushing her way around the living room.  She gets pretty upset when she gets stuck at a wall or any other obstacle and will start yelling for help.  It is so funny to watch.  

Week 45

This week's outtakes are pretty tame.  I think I have mastered the art of these photos with V being so mobile now.  The key is to have an object for her to hold and let her do her thing.  I just have to be ready to snap with a fast shutter speed quickly

The other key is to get the fabric out and let her play on it for a while and get used to the "excitement" before I start snapping.  Otherwise she will be looking at the fabric the entire time!

Week 45B

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photos #43 and #44

It has been an adventure these last couple of weeks and I came down with the mystery illness and was unable to edit and post last week's picture so this week I'm doing a two for.  Vivienne luckily didn't catch what ever virus I had but did manage to get a runny nose.  It doesn't stop her from being on the go at all times though.  

She is getting more and more confident in her standing abilities all the time.  She will stand without holding on to anything for longer periods, nothing crazy but it is a change.  

She has also been standing with her little car that our friends handed down to her and will walk behind it.  It is so exciting to see her walking a little.  The car can still get a little fast and leave her legs behind her while she is still holding on, but she perseveres.

It has been nice and cold here the last couple of weeks and Vivienne has enjoyed several fires in the fireplace.  She is pretty amazed by it and we have to keep telling her that it is hot and not to touch.  

She also loves to "help" mom in the kitchen unloading and loading the dishwasher.  She loves to roll the bottom basket in and out, in and out.  She is slowly figuring out that sometimes things like drawers and doors can close on your fingers...it is a painful thing to learn, but learn she has.  

So this is Week #43 photo...it was a difficult one to get.  

 That was the best it was going to get, otherwise this is the alternative...

Week #44 was a little easier to capture...

She was feeling better, or perhaps super excited for Thanksgiving this year, or to read her Rainbow Fish book...who knows.

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  


Friday, November 15, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #42

Life has been in the fast lane with Vivienne this last week.  The girl is speedy, like Speedy Gonzales fast!  Viv has perfected her crawl and is able to get from A to B within a blink of an eye.  She is also quick to get to her feet any chance she can.  She is becoming more stable every day and we have witnessed on several occasions her standing freely for a few seconds before holding on again.  She will walk her way around the ottoman in our living room or to one end of the couch and back.  Practice makes perfect folks, and she will soon be walking I'm sure.  

Viv also loves music.  She loves to "make music" with whatever she can bang together, shake or wave around.  On a few occasions I have seen her start dancing when she makes one of her toys play a song.  It is the cutest thing ever.  

I am still working on the adjustment her new found mobility has required me to make.  I have decided that if she is holding something in her hands, I have a better chance of her being still for 5 seconds while I rapidly snap photos.  Hence why she is holding these blocks this week.  

As you can see in this outtake, the blocks became another musical instrument that she can clap together to make a sound.  She LOVES it...

and then she was off again.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #41

Vivienne is doing well.  She just got over a cold/minor ear infection and is on the rebound.  The illness really didn't slow her down and we are thankful for that.  Our nanny informed us that she fed herself some peas, but we have yet to witness a self feeding session yet.  We need to practice that more and Roxie agrees, she likes to "clean" up the floor after Vivienne eats.  

The latest development is Viv clapping her hands.  It is so cute to see her applauding randomly and how she gets so excited to clap.  She will be in the middle of a crawl and stop to sit and clap for a bit.  Too too cute! 

These photos were difficult to take because she does not want to be on her back when she can be cruisin' man!  I will have to develop a new method.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #40

Week 40 has come and gone and I can't believe there are only 12 more weeks until Viv turns 1!  This year is flying by and our hearts are filled with so much joy for our little family.  Vivi is growing strong and has developed some new skills.  

She has successfully been drinking from a cup.  Yup like a big girl.  She can also drink from a sippy and we are working on the straw, but she is definitely venturing out from the bottle.  She loves to eat eggs and toast and has had grilled cheese.  We are not sure about peanut butter, she may have had a slight reaction...keeping an eye on that one.

She has also discovered the animals toys and LOVES Roxie's squeaker ball and Lillie's stick.  She will squeeze the ball for ever making it squeak and making Roxie really excited.  The stick (which is about 3 foot long) she will wave around excitedly and occasionally Lillie will pounce it.  When Lillie pounces, Vivi gets super excited and then chases her off.  It is too cute!  

We took Viv to a mom's Meetup group Halloween party and she met some other babies about her age.  It was nice to find a group that we can potentially have play dates with in the future.  

Week 40

This week we took Viv's picture on the floor which was nice because she couldn't fall off anything but then it was free reign for her to crawl around.  The days of the pictures on the back may be gone...

Week 40b

Week 40a


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Loft...An Improvement

I figured it was time to provide an update on our loft as it stands now.  Way back when I talked about the new layout and changes we were going to make in the loft, it looked like this.  

Bamboo Shade 002

Well, after a little painter's tape and white paint I had in the garage, this happened.  

Loft Progress
  We moved the large brown shelf that housed Devin's record collection and some of my books into our master bedroom for my book and other stuff storage.  I wanted to streamline the record storage while at the same time combining the record storage with the turntables.  We ended up with this. 


We used two IKEA Expedit shelves, a piece of wood and some IKEA Capita legs to create the turntable/record storage system.  We simply attached the legs to the bottom of the wood that we had stained a dark brown and sat it on the top of the Expedit shelf.  This allowed for space under the turntables for the components.  I recycled our existing IKEA Lack shelf above the station to place the speakers.  The speaker situation still needs a little TLC, possibly painting the speakers and definitely figuring out some cord management for the speaker wire.  It is a definite improvement thus far to the space.  

On the opposite side of the room, I used my drafting table to designate the creative zone with all of the art supplies.  It is still in desperate need of organization...baby steps.  

I really love how the addition of the stripe added a little character to the space, especially since this will also be a play area for Vivienne.  I have plans to change the cover of the ottoman so that tan will be going away!  


Like I said, baby steps.  It has gone from this...

Bamboo Shade 002
  to this...


Yay! :)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #39

Vivienne is officially 9 months old and has successfully completed her 9 month doctor's visit.  Everything checked out great and she is in the 78 percentile for head and weight and then in the 49th percentile for height.  She is an overachiever with the crawling and standing thing apparently but not so much on the teeth front.  No little teeth have made their appearance yet but we keep thinking any minute now.  

Her standing skills get better and better every day and I have a feeling she will be walking any day now.  I enjoy savoring every moment that we have with her!

Week 39

She is just a mover and a shaker and has limited time available to be on her back for her pictures...
Week 39A

Week 39B

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #38

Week 38 has arrived as expected...and V is constantly on the go.  She is now able to pull herself up easily and stand and play for a while.  She will even bravely stand with one hand holding her.  She is gradually getting better at figuring out how to get back down from the standing position and unfortunately has had her first standing injury while trying to get down.  She bumped her head and had a small bruise.  She cried a bit and mommy kissed it away and then she was ready to try it again.  It scared the heck out of me more than her I'm sure.  

She has also started whispering.  It is the cutest thing to hear.  She will be crawling around and talking and then whispering.  It's like she is talking to herself formulating a plan.  I love it and I can't get enough of it.  Her Grandee taught her well.  

We have played peekaboo with her since birth and this week we both witnessed on separate occasions her playing it with us.  I saw it while she was on her changing table and she had a shirt that I was going to put on her in her hands. She would pull the shirt up over her face and then put it down real fast.  So now I say "where's Vivienne" when she hides her face and then when she shows it I say "there she is" and she just laughs and laughs.  It usually ends with me kissing her like crazy because I just can't help myself!

Week 38

I am working on my stealth picture taking skills now that it is almost impossible for V to stay on her back longer than 1.4 seconds...

Week 38A

Week 38B

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

As I mentioned in the last Vivienne photo post, we spent the first weekend in October in the fair city of Albuquerque for the annual Balloon Fiesta.  I have been attending the fiesta for as long as I can remember and it was such a blessing to be able to take Vivienne for her very first time!  The one word I can think of to describe Albuquerque in October and the Balloon Fiesta is BREATHTAKING.  Every year that we attend, it simply takes my breath away.  Since we forgot to take our camera to the balloons, we had to make do with our IPhones.  But luckily, Devin managed to capture the event with the cool panoramic feature.  Just see for yourself, breathtaking.

photo 9

What the above picture doesn't capture is the tradition and ritual that is involved.  Mass ascension begins at 7am, so this means you need to arrive prior to 7am.  Our family ritual is to bundle up and head out to the balloon field at 6am.  October in Albuquerque at 6am can be in the 30's so the bundling up is necessary.  Soooo, I jumped at the opportunity to buy Viv some warm clothes!  Clothes that she will not be able to wear in Austin until December at best, so I was super excited to buy a cute puffer vest at Old Navy along with a cute little eared fleece hat.  Adorable brown boots from Target as well as long sleeve shirt, jacket and jeggings.  The key to dressing for the balloons is to layer.  Like I said it can be 35 in the darkness of morning and then 85 when the sun comes up.  Just look at this cuteness!


I abhore selfies, but I had to get this one because lovely V is in it and she is too precious.


This is how Vivi liked to enjoy the experience.  6am is early for her too, so I can't blame the girl for wanting to lay down.


After the balloons had taken off, there was still plenty to do and see.  There are tons of delicious food vendors selling New Mexico's best food, chili!  Red or green, that is the question.  This year there was a car show and lots of kids activities,  like a zip line and walk on water (picture kids in big blown up balls rolling around on a pool).  There are plenty of shopping opportunities as well to buy balloon merchandise.  We had to buy Viv another inflatable balloon as is tradition now.

And a stuffed balloon man.


Of course there were these things...check out Vivienne's shades!


All in all, it was a great trip and we can't wait to get back to visit friends and family in Albuquerque again soon!




Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #37

Catching up with Vivienne for week 37.  It was a busy busy week for V and us as we packed up and drove to Albuquerque to visit family, friends, and a few hot air balloons.  

It was Vivienne's first official balloon fiesta as she was unofficially in attendance last year while in utero.  It was so much fun to bundle up the family and brave the crowd and cold to enjoy one of the best events on the planet.  V enjoyed seeing the balloons (I think) and crawling around on the blanket covered ground of the balloon field.  She had a taste of New Mexico in the form of an Indian taco minus the chili (baby steps).  She acquired a new inflatable balloon to add to her collection of 1 in her room.  It was our first long road trip with her and she was a trooper.  Thankfully we had Roxie with us also to entertain her in the car when she wasn't asleep.  

It is hard to believe that we are full speed ahead into October and Vivienne's 9 month milestone.  This month is sure to not disappoint!  This week's photo was courtesy of my IPhone since our camera is MIA since our trip.  Finger's crossed that we find it!

 Week 37

This picture was not an easy one to capture.  V wants to go go go and my IPhone camera's shutter speed is slow slow slow!  You can see for yourself in this week's outtakes.

Week 37A

Week 37B


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #36

I'm a week behind on the photos!  We had a whirlwind week last week and I haven't had time to process the photos that I did take of Vivienne's 36th week.  It was a big week also, we officially have a crawler!  She is a goer too, nothing can stop her now.  She is thoroughly enjoying the fact that she can see something in the distance and go get it!  It is such a joy to watch.  Devin and I love that she wants to follow us around and come to us and try to pull up on our legs.  She has already begun trying to stand now.  

Needless to say, it is getting exceedingly difficult to take her weekly picture not only because she wants to roll over and crawl, but because she wants to grab the camera strap too!  

She is funny to watch in her crib at nap or bed time now because she will crawl around and lay down and sit up and lay back down and then sit back up and all of this while talking.  Eventually she lays down and goes to sleep.  When she wakes up in the morning she will just sit up in bed and hang out until we go get her.  She is so funny.  

Week 36

These outtakes illustrate what I contend with now that we have forward motion and the desire to go, go, go!

Week 36a

Week 36b

Week 36c

Monday, September 30, 2013

All Things Pumpkin

It's my favorite time of year folks!  The time when the pumpkins come out and a nip is in the air...ok well for us Texans, the nip may be a little further away.  I. Love. Pumpkins.  I love to eat pumpkin.  I love to decorate with pumpkins.  I love my babies to look like pumpkins.  It's true and I'm not sure if there is a 12-step program for people with my condition, but I might need one.  It is perhaps a symptom of the time of year, when the heat finally subsides and the sun light changes the colors of our world.  It is simply a beautiful thing.  My fall decor supplies are at the ready and today I will share a few things I have been pinning for inspiration. 

First up: FOOD.  I can't tell you how excited I get when the pumpkin goodies start hitting the menus.

Make your own pumpkin latte.


I am in desperate need of this pumpkin risotto.

My regular morning coffee at work would be so much better with this pumpkin creamer.

Next to Heaven
Next Up: DECOR.  Nothing says fall like a few pumpkins sitting around.

These would be so cute sitting in our fireplace.

How simple this would be and so cute in a large glass container.

Over the weekend, we were at Pottery Barn Outlet and I fell for these mercury glass pumpkins hard.


Next Up: KIDS.  I am looking forward to being able to share my pumpkin love with my little love Vivi.  

Viv would make the cutest pumpkin if she had one of these super cute knit pumpkin hats

Little Voice Knitting on Etsy

How cute is this little pumpkin craft made out of paper strips?


That's it folks.  If you would like to see what other pumpkin goodness I'm pinning, feel free to follow me on Pinterest. 

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