Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nursery Reveal

After many months of gradual work in baby girl's nursery, we are finally to a point where we can call it finished for now.  There are a few things that will be added later but for now it's done-zo!  

Our last nursery update included the construction of the crib and dresser, so now you can see the finished curtains, the glider and the light fixture projects.  All which deserve a post of their own but I will quickly share the process here.  Let's start with the curtains. 

Aren't they lovely.  I had plans to make them, but then my mom swooped in and got the job done, complete with lining.  There was a little bit of drama during the making of them as both my mother and I cut the length too short on two panels and mom had to piece them together.  Crisis averted and you can't even tell.  Phew!  The fabric was 46" wide and we made 4 panels in which two and two were sewn together to make two wider panels for each side of the window. 

I used a silver curtain rod with a mercury glass finial and clip rings from Target.  I think it glams it up a little. 

Next up is the chair.  Boy is this a story.  I could write an entire post entitled, "The Tale of 3 Chairs" because that's how many chairs we went through before settling on this one.  But to be brief, I will spare you the major details and share this synopsis:
  1. Chair 1- is my first Craigslist find for $40 for rocker and ottoman.  The plan was to slip cover it and be done.  Devin hated it, and consensus was that it was not comfortable. 
  2. Chair 2- is an existing IKEA Ektorp chair that we have had and were going to purchase a glider kit to transform it from regular chair to glider.  It was huge in the room and the back was kind of low. 
  3. Chair 3- is my final Craigslist find.  A high back glider with glider ottoman for FREE!  Yup, you read that correct...0 dollars!  Aside from the price being right, the chair was in great shape aside from needing a cleaning and a little WD-40 on the mechanism.  DONE and DONE!  The 3rd chair fit like a glove. 

Next up is the light fixture.  This is also something we have gone around in circles on.  I couldn't make up my baby brain mind.  I finally opted for this light kit from World Market for $34.99.  The price was right and I could totally customize it, and actually it arrived on my doorstep for my birthday from my Mom!  That's even better! 

#1 on the to-do list was paint it.  Devin and I decided white would be best and most versatile in the future.  We did however, paint the screw on shade holders in fuchsia pink for a little pop.  We then screwed small cup hooks into the ceiling in a large diameter and fastened the cord with pink ribbon to the cup hooks.  I think it turned out cute, and kind of is a unique take on a chandelier reminiscent of this one that Pottery Barn used to carry. 

Ok, so now let's pan to the right and take a look at the dresser wall.  This wall is a work in progress.  I intend to add some fun colorful wooden numbers to the space around and in between the shelves.   

The print is a Degas that I've had for a very long time of ballet dancers and the hot air balloon is a souvenir from baby girl's first Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  

On the opposite wall is the crib. 

I have had the four Brambly Hedge prints from when I was a kid from my Aunt and just adored them.  I could spend hours looking at them and finding all the little details.  The top left is a frame that Devin got me for Christmas from Z Gallerie and I put a picture of us during our first dance at our wedding in it.  The tortoise shell is from the Nate Berkus collection from Target.  I made a little sign that says "Be what you want to be" as a motto for baby girl.  The bird mobile we purchased from Baby Earth and I think is the very first thing we purchased after finding out we were pregnant!  Oh and see the glimpse of rug at the bottom.  Another one of my aunts made that for me when I was a baby.  It is temporary for now, we have intentions of buying a much larger rug down the line. 

The wall opposite of the window is where I included a Epedit shelf from IKEA to hold books and toys.  I intend to add some kind of container to the bottom cubbies for closed storage.  To the right I hung a growth chart that my mom gave us. 

Above it I included "Marty" the moose that Devin also got me for Christmas from Z Gallerie.  I have this strange affinity for moose, no idea why.  I just think they are the cutest things on tall skinny legs. 

So now we wait for baby.  It's nice to know that the nursery is finished even though she won't be sleeping in there for several weeks after she arrives.  But I have a feeling we will be enjoying the glider and perhaps some tummy times in there!

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