Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Christmas Re-Cap

Happy New Year everyone!  I am back with our Christmas post, a little late!  It was a little bit crazy at the end of the year and I fully expect the craziness to continue well into this new year with the upcoming arrival of our daughter!  We are getting close people!

With that said, here is a run down of our Christmas festivities.  My mother and sister came to Austin for the holiday which was AWESOME because we didn't have to travel with me starting my 3rd trimester.  Phew!  We had a great time pre-Christmas just hanging out, baking, shopping, and enjoying each other's company.  It was nice and low key this year, which is just what I needed.  We dug up some old recipes, including my Granny's date nut loaf.  Here is mom now modeling with it and her tiny Santa hat...

and mom also tried the Divinity recipe once again to try to replicate the best Divinity in the world that was tragically eaten by ants one year.  It was good, but not as good as the ant year.  Better luck next time mom...extra points for trying to sell it though! :)

My sister and I also had our share of coloring, that is what we do.  We are good too.  So our kitchen island was the center of creativity including baking and coloring. 

On Christmas Eve we went to a church service and then had a nice dinner out.  I think it was the first time we ate out for Christmas Eve dinner, but it was so nice to not have to cook and clean up.  We relaxed at home and then it was time for Santa to come.  Roxie put in her last plea for her good behavior...

and we said goodnight.

Christmas morning was great, it finally got a little cool outside, not quite winter weather but we were pleased.  We took our time opening our bounty and generally enjoying each other.

I got Devin a sweet new ride that he can put baby girl on in the future...he was stoked. 

Devin got me lots of beautiful things from ZGallerie that I will share with you later.  Some things are going in the nursery and others in various places in the house. 

Next was Christmas lunch/dinner.  Devin had smoked a brisket all day Christmas Eve as our main dish. 

It was the most delicious brisket I have eaten...EVER.  I'm including restaurants in this statement people.  It was that freaking good.  We had lots left over and froze some and have had several meals since with it and it is still good.  I will share an up close image of my man's meat. :)  Check out that beautiful smoke ring. 

That's about it folks for my quick re-cap.  Like I said it was low key, relaxing and a joy.  I am truly grateful for such a great family and the love that we share.  I can't wait until our next Christmas with baby girl in the mix.  It will only get better! 

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