Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Showing Some Love

Last night Sherry and John Petersik from the blog Young House Love were in the ATX on one of the many stops for their book tour!  Hurray!  They are such excellent bloggers and a major inspiration to me in how I would love for our blog to evolve someday.  So after the announcement of their book tour making a stop in Austin, I was in.  So Devin and I mosied on down to Book People to catch a glimpse of them and get our book signed.  It was a lovely moist evening but it didn't stop John and Sherry from being their upbeat, lighthearted selves and wooed the crowd with their down to earthi-ness.  They first started with a brief talk about how writing the book was so different from writing a blog and then went into a Q&A session.  They are so funny!

After the Q&A, the line for book signing started to form in groups of 40 so that everyone didn't have to stand in line, which I greatly appreciated being 9 months pregnant and all!  Got my book signed and they couldn't have been more gracious.  Here is our pic, Devin opted out, but pay no attention to my huge bloated 2 weeks from due date face in this pic! 

I signed their keepsake book on the way out...

and that was it!  The book signing part was a little rushed, but I understand that they can't sit and chat with everyone.  Overall it was nice to meet them in the flesh since after reading their blog you feel like they are part of your family! 

If you haven't read their blog, you should.  You can find it here.

Now a little peek into what we have been working on for the nursery.  Hopefully I will have more to share soon! 

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