Monday, March 18, 2013

Carpet Diem!

Our first post baby project has begun!  It's nice to be back on track with our home improvement projects and the lucky room to be selected is the dining room.  Since we moved into this house back in 2009, we hated the carpet.  With our 4 furry babies and now our new human baby, the carpet is almost impossible to keep clean.  Our dream is to have some lovely hardwood floors throughout the downstairs.  That is still the ultimate goal once we have our pennies saved, but in the interim we are experimenting.  If you follow me on Pinterest you have seen that I have been pinning several different painted concrete floor examples, like this one from Vintage Revivals...

and this one from Decorated Life.  

That is what we are going to try for now...painting our concrete sub floor.  It is such an inexpensive fix to our loathed carpets until we can achieve our ultimate wooden floor goal.  The transformation has begun with the help of my sister and mother.  It takes a village now with an infant and I'm so thankful that my mother loves a good project.  

So out with the carpet!  Hurrah!

and the tack board around the perimeter.

After cleaning up the mess from the tack board removal (I had to include this picture to illustrate that my sister can actually help when she wants to), 

Mom repaired the holes left in the concrete from the tack board. 

It's an easy process and doesn't take long.  You just mix up some Quickcrete in a fairly thin consistency that will easily go in the holes and self level.  Then you wipe each spot with a damp cloth once it has set a little.  

We have yet to begin painting, but we plan on creating a pattern in the floor similar to this.  

It will look similar to a zebra wood floor and add some warm tones to the room.  We toyed with the idea of using a gray monochrome pattern but we have lots of gray in our home and we felt it might be too cold to add more.  We have a couple of test pots of paint colors to test this pattern with a dry brushing technique before we bite the bullet and purchase the floor paint.  In our minds it will work brilliantly but we must test our theory first.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.   

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