Friday, March 29, 2013

Etsy Springtime Favorites

Spring is here and the Bluebonnets are beginning to bloom along with a plethora of colorful Texas wildflowers and I just love it.  There is something wonderful about Spring like getting a fresh start.  So with that in mind, I've gathered some items from Etsy that caught my eye for this time of year.

1.  I love these custom made watercolors of your home.  This would make a great gift for something like a child leaving home for college or for your family's first home.

2.  Why not wear spring on your chest with this cute leaf necklace. 

3.  I'm totally digging the navy blue these days, so I love this striped bag.  I think it is great with spring paired with yellow or green for spring.

4.  Etsy has a great selection of throw pillows, but some stand out amongst the rest.  The simple linen fabric with cute yellow buttons as marigolds make this pillow so cute.

5.  With Spring comes Easter and with Easter comes eggs, so I thought these egg planters were fun.

6.  There are some great prints available on Etsy as well and I thought these birds were great and the colors are fab.

7.  I was instantly drawn to this bird's nest charm necklace with the robin's eggs.

8.  Vivienne would look too cute in this bunny coat!  Too bad we live in Texas where you rarely need a coat.

9.  Spring is the begging of wedding season and this custom made pillow with a bicycle made for two would make a great wedding gift.

10.  I always like seeing cakes with a cute bunting as decoration and I am going to do that some day, but when I saw this Bunny Bunting for Easter, I swooned.  

11.  I can't wait to get my green thumb in action planting some new things around the house and I thought this wooden cactus planter would be nice as a center piece on a patio table.  

12.  Another print I fell for was this bike screen print.  So simple and so cute.       

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