Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 10 Baskets

Easter is around the corner and I haven't gotten my decor out yet.  It seems spring has snuck up on us, but with thoughts of the Easter bunny in my mind, I have been thinking about fun ways to modify my existing decoration.  When I think of Easter, aside from the obvious religious significance, I think of things like: eggs, candy, bunnies, and of course baskets.  How fun to have baskets with various spring like items around the house.  So here is a little top 10 list of baskets I have been perusing.  

1.  This basket is from Target and is a fun take on a traditional Easter basket shape with the tall handle and all.  It's constructed out of Willow and is only available in stores. 
 2.  World Market always has great items like these straw baskets with great color and texture.   

3.  I love baskets with lids and in fun shapes.  This one from IKEA fits both.  I think of this one on a bathroom vanity holding anything from soaps to jewelry.  
4.  These incredible lime and black patterned baskets are from World Market's Africa Collection and I think they are simply amazing.

5.  Also from World Market are these baskets made from banana bark.  I love the squatty-ness of them and think they would be charming on a table top with flowers laying in them. 

6.  Not all baskets have to be woven from natural fibers.  This one from Smith and Hawken for Target is metal and would be very effective at containing any found eggs.  

7.  I have seen these felt woven baskets at various places, but these found at West Elm come in a variety of sizes.  I love that they are soft sided.  

8.  This wire basket from CB2 is collapsible and is almost two feet in diameter, perfect for housing linens.    
9.  When I see these knitted baskets from CB2 I think of a cozy bed for my furry babies to sleep in.     
10.  These fun colorful baskets are from West Elm and are quite large.  They could be used for a hamper or to store your throw blankets next to the sofa.  

Have any of you been able to stay up to speed with the latest holiday?  I can't believe it is already the end of March.  I'm looking forward to spring (as much as we have here in Texas).

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