Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vivienne's Arrival

I was due to have Vivienne on January 24th.  She decided to come 1 week early, and I was ready!  I was getting more and more uncomfortable being 9 months pregnant with each passing day and the last thing I said as I was leaving work on January 17th was, "I'm ready to have her today".  Well that night my water broke and she was on her way.  

Devin and I headed to the hospital shortly before 11pm that night, even though I had not started having contractions that I could feel, as a precaution.  After being in triage for about an hour, they admitted me. 

After what seemed like a really fast labor thanks to an epidural, at about 1pm the next day I was ready to meet my baby girl.  The nurses had prepared for her arrival... 

and at 1:40pm she entered the world!  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. 

I never knew I could love this much.  She is perfect.

Daddy was instantly in love!

The nurse called this Vivienne's first art project.

Gran-D made it just in time to witness Vivienne's first breath and I'm so happy she was!  She is one proud grandmother.

Thumbs up for a successful labor and delivery...and to a great epidural!

She has forever changed our lives and we couldn't be more happy!  

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  1. Aww, you just got me crying in my office. Y'all are a beautiful family!


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