Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shelving It

I have long been contemplating what to do with the wall in our breakfast area now that we added a cabinet and refinished a dresser to include in the space.  I sit on the sofa and look over at that area and try to envision different scenarios. 

I wanted to build in cabinets and basically make it an extension of the kitchen, which still might be the ultimate solution, but for now I wanted to try the open shelf scenario.  I have been seeing lots of open shelving in kitchens lately and I really like the look.  It is a less formal look and I like that for our living space.  It also would provide a nice area for me to store some of my prettier items in the kitchen, thus freeing up some space for the not so pretty items.  Here are some examples of what I've been looking at. 

It's a good look.  It's an affordable look.  It's the look for us.  And the planning began.  

To fully figure out how to build in the shelves to my breakfast area, I utilized a drafting program (AutoCad) to get the feel for what I want.  I like that I can draw to the actual scale of the room and render in 3D to really get the idea.  Here is my plan:

Eventually we plan to build in the refrigerator to make it a cleaner look and that will balance out the tall cabinet at the opposite end.  I want to center the re-finished dresser between the fridge and cabinet, then add a counter top that runs the length between the two tall cabinets to create a "built-in" look.  The plan includes some kind of dog food station also, and of course the open shelves and some new artwork.

I have started the process of building the open shelves.  Things get completed a little slower these days with Vivienne being so darn cute.  I just can't stay away from her!  More to come.

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