Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Shelves Are Up

After several weekends of doing little chunks of work on the kitchen shelves, they are finally complete.  Hurray!  Honestly they have been finished for a little while, but I hadn't put anything on them.  Remember when I told you of my plan and showed you this before pic?

I decided to use brackets from IKEA at ~$6 each and a piece of 2x16 from Lowes at ~$20  to create the shelves.  We had the friendly folks at Lowes cut our 12ft 2x16 piece of whiteboard down to 2.5ft lengths to give us 4 shelves plus a little left over (I have plans for that extra piece).

To install the shelves I used a laser level, 4 ft bubble level, stud finder, painters tape, drill and screws.  It was fairly easy to install the brackets using painters tape to locate your mounting plate on the back of the bracket.  First I determined how high above the dresser I wanted the bottom shelves to be (20 in.) and then I placed my laser level at that height and ran a piece of painters tape along the laser line.  Then I put a piece of painters tape on the back of the bracket facing out so that when placed against the wall it will stick.  I poke a hole where the mounting plate is and hold the bracket up to the wall even with my leveled line, remove the bracket leaving the tape with the hole to determine where the screw will go. 

I lucked out by having studs evenly spaced where I wanted to place my shelves so I just screwed right into the stud where my hole was marked on the tape.  Then you can simply remove the tape from the screw and place your bracket.  Repeat for the other brackets, and I double checked myself by using the long 4 ft. bubble level from bracket to bracket.  I also leveled the bracket vertically before screwing the bottom screw in to make sure they were plumb.  
After I had all the brackets up and double checked my level with the shelves, I took the shelves outside to paint.  I used left over paint from our kitchen cabinets and primer that we always have.  

After one coat of primer and two coats of paint were dry, they were ready for installation.  As you can see in the pic below, that step was completed prior to our new fence, and images like these make us appreciate the beautiful new fence that much more. 

I put the shelves on the brackets and screwed them in to the bracket from the bottom to make sure they are secure.  Then I framed one of my Etsy Shop prints to put in the center of the shelves. 

I love how it fills the wall and gives that space a purpose and more storage space.  Then I added a few things and called it good for now.  Of course I still want to frame out the refrigerator and add a counter top from the fridge to the cabinet, but all in due time.  

To recap, here is a good ol' before and after. 

I like it.  Not bad for $56.  That project is officially marked off of the list. 

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