Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #14

Vivienne is developing so quickly!  Along with the talking gibberish, she is learning to grab things, especially in her exersaucer.  She loves for us to read books to her and is particularly fond of 10 Little Lady Bugs.  I downloaded a couple of IPhone apps for her to try and so far she really enjoys Peek A Boo Barn where she can touch the screen to learn her animals and animal sounds.  She is pretty much a genius and are waiting for Mensa to call any day, but we may be a little biased.    

This outtake is awesome because it looks like she is singing, and she kind of does when she "says" something for a long time.  

She thinks her feet are the bees knees!

Our little 14 week old continues to fill our hearts with joy and laughter...especially when she sleeps for 10 hours at night!  ;)

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