Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A New Painted Floor

Remember way back in March when I posted about removing the carpet from our dining room and planning to paint the concrete sub floor?  

Well, the paint is down my friends, the paint is down.  For the last 3+ months we have been living with our dining room sans flooring.  For lots of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that other projects were necessary before we did the floor (I'm talking about you fence) and that we have either had company or traveling or just trying to enjoy our baby girl as much as we can on the weekends. 

Another big issue was what we were going to do with the paint.  I don't think Devin and I were completely sold with our initial idea of making the paint look like wood.  In the end we decided to go solid, as in solid gray for the floor.  With so much pattern on the wall with the wall paper, we decided to go a little more subdued on the floor and add the pattern in a rug under the table and chairs.  So, we removed all the furniture, again, and started to paint.  We used Valspar's Latex Porch and Floor paint.  It is made to go on wood or concrete and is durable and scratch resistant and happens to be low odor as well.  Score!  Valspar also makes a anti-skid version of this paint if you were going to put it outdoors in a wet area, we know this because we mistakenly purchased the anti-skid version first.  You can have this paint tinted to any color you would like but we opted to use the "dark gray" color that is premixed.  Our idea is that if we decide down the line to add some pattern, we can, with this dark gray as our base coat. 

Before we started painting, we swept and vacuumed the floor to ensure no pesky dust, animal hair or who knows what else was on the floor to get in our paint.  Then I started cutting in since you can't very well walk on the wet paint to cut in after you roll.   

Then Devin rock-n-rolled. 

This is what it looked like after one coat.  

According to the paint's directions, it is ready for "light use" after 4-6 hours, so after about 6 hours we applied the second and final coat.  

We then let the second coat dry and cure for 24 hours.  I definitely didn't want to ruin the floor, by moving stuff in too soon. 

Before we moved the furniture back in, I installed the rug in the center of the room where the table would go.  I opted to use carpet tiles because they are low profile, durable, and I love the aesthetic.  Devin and I agreed to a layout of the tiles and I got to work.  

To connect all the tiles together I used the adhesive squares used to install these commercially.  They are super duty, strong and amazing. 

Oh and I had help...

The finished rug looked great and complemented the wall paper nicely without competing too much.  

The new floor color dresses up the space a little bit more I think.  Now I want to tackle the big wall opposite the window.  It currently has a big print in the center, but I'm not loving it.  Perhaps something with a little more architectural interest.  

For fun, let's look at the dining room as it was before we moved in...

 and how it looked this morning.  

It feels great to get that project checked off of the list!  How about you guys?  Any projects that have taken you a while to finally tackle?  Any of you painted your interior concrete?  We would love to hear your story!

We weren't perked or compensated for any of the products listed, we like to try various products that are best suited for our projects.

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