Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #20

We've officially hit the 5 month mark!  Hurray for growing big and strong Viv! At this point in Vivienne's progress, she is sitting up almost completely independently.  She is doing much better with tummy time and is pushing up on her arms and can make a complete 180 on the floor.  She does get some forward motion when she has something at her feet to push against.  

She has been practicing warming up her vocal cords and has reached pretty high decibel levels at this point.  She thinks it is quite hilarious, we tend to panic thinking something is wrong, then we look at her and she is all smiles.  Opera may be in her future, it is too soon to tell. 

She seems to be comprehending the sign for milk and we are still working on the signs for "diaper change" and "all done".  I continue to push the word momma into her brain (and a few daddas) with the hopes that one of those precious words will spring from her cute little lips soon.  He first word will probably be Roxie or something like that.  Overall, she continues her usual awesomeness!  

This is what I hear her saying when I look at this week's outtakes:

"Wait, let me break it down with a little pop 'n lock dance move for you mom."

"Or if you prefer, I can do a little Irish jig while I sing O Danny Boy..."

"No?  Well you might like something more classic like Ballet on point!"

I love how the last picture is her stretching her legs out so far they extend past the fabric to my legs as I'm standing there taking the picture.  She is so funny and she makes us laugh daily, even when we are stressing about the A/C not working in our upstairs portion of our house! 

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