Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #21

This week Vivienne made a major milestone.  She is sitting up by herself!  She can correct herself if she starts leaning to far in one direction or the other.  There are still times when she will fall forward or backward when she gets tired or too excited by a passerby (mostly the cats or dog).  She is super interested in the animals now and has successfully petted Sophie the cat without harm to either Viv or Sophie.  Success!  She is very curious and is easily distracted, like when she is eating and hears a voice or noise in the room, for instance when she is nursing in the morning and a noisy cat walks into the nursery meowing loudly (again Sophie) then Viv has to turn completely around and sit up to see who it is and then laugh and squeal at her.  

This weeks outtakes are basically just Viv being her happy self.  

This one is especially cute because she is looking at her daddy.


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