Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #22

Not only has Vivienne mastered sitting up during this 5.5 month milestone week, she is also becoming very well versed in grabbing toys and shaking them like crazy.  With that said, she loves toys that make noise like rattles and such.  She is very good at grabbing the toys, holding them, switching them from one hand to the other and then dropping them on the floor for mom and dad to pick up.  So it begins.  Her days are getting longer as she sleeps less during the day and more during the night which is a good thing.  She is able to spend more time during the light hours playing and learning and is pretty much exhausted by 8 pm.  She is also become much more mobile as this week's pics will show.  She loves to flail her arms and legs around when she is laying on her back and it is  awesome to see the amount of joy this gives her!

Sometimes she has to stop and focus on the sound of the camera shutter...

and then it's on again.  Crazy arms and legs... 

then stop to enjoy the warm sun coming in the windows. 

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