Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lofty Plans

Remember our Loft?  You know, the neglected catch all area on our second floor that we pass through with closed eyes on the way to our master bedroom every day...yeah that one.  Some changes have been underway up there.  With our baby girl growing and the inevitable toy collection that she will one day have, I decided it was time to add her space requirements to the mix in the loft.  We haven't done much up there since I added the bamboo shade to the window in this post of yore.  

That picture looks nice and pretty and then you pan over to the other side of the room...it still pretty much looked like this, but worse.  

We never really spent much time up there and it ended up being the place for all the miscellaneous stuff/activities i.e. screen printing, sewing, art making, record scratching etc.  The various uses for the space makes a it difficult space to plan.  But I have started.  It if far from finished but I thought I would tease you a bit with the plan.

The plan started with these fundamental ideas.  
  1. Create something more permanent and attractive for the turn tables, various equipment and incorporate record storage. 
  2. Arrange furniture for a flexible use.
  3. Create zones for art, music, chillaxin' and Vivienne. 
  4. Change up the yellow paint.
  5. De-clutter, less is more!
The plan on paper looks like this.  The main goal was to use as much existing as possible and then add new as needed.   

The number one item on the list above (turntable/storage piece) was the only new item we had to create/buy, not counting the future TV/Storage piece at the bottom of the plan, that is to be determined if and when we decide to add a television to the space. 

For the turntables, I surfed around online to see what other people had created and found several do-able options.  This site was awesome and provided several pictures of setups using IKEA Expedit shelves that are perfect for record storage...we have the large one in the loft currently.  This image is most like what we have decided to build.  

So there you have it, the plan for the loft.  I can't wait to have a clean, organized, comfortable, creative, and most of all fun space to enjoy with our baby girl.  The transformation is in process, so hopefully I can be back next week to share our progress.  

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