Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Bathroom

Just like the one I used to know.  Ok, so I don't believe I have ever had a white bathroom, but that is how the song goes...you know, White Christmas.  But I digress.  Our downstairs bathroom has been in need of a makeover since we moved in, but since it was the livable as is, it has not been touched.  Well, I have lived about as long as I would like to with the horrible vinyl floors, builder special vanity, and brown painted walls.  This is how it looked prior to us moving in.  

Here is a picture after I added a framed mirror, and pretty much how it looks today.  

So when I'm not doing, I'm planning.  I would love to paint the walls white. Tile the floor in white hexagon tile.  Add a new white vanity with drawers instead of doors with a vessel sink on top of a butcher block counter.  The idea of wood being the only color in the space is intriguing and the texture is beautiful.  I would also get extra long curtains for the bath tub to bring the eye up to the 9 foot ceilings.  Finish it off with a little sparkle of chrome here and there and voila, a clean white bathroom.  For now I could make some baby steps and break out the white paint that we already have...we will see. 

I guess August is the month of bathroom planning because I found this color board I created in August of last year.  You can see I have been dreaming of a white bathroom for a while now.  The same elements are present.  White tile, wood grain, and white curtain.  Funny.


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