Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top Ten Baby Toys

According to Vivienne, these are the top rated toys in our house.  They are her "go-to" toys that she plays with almost on a daily basis.  Enjoy.  

  1. Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether:  The loud squeaker is the favorite thing about Sophie at this point and is the keep to getting such cute smiles in our weekly pictures.  Hopefully in the future, she will come in handy as an actual teether.  
  2. Garanimals Pink Plush Hippo Rattle:  The rattle noise is a hit and V loves to shake shake rattle and roll with her.     
  3. Old Tupperware Melon Baller:  This old melon baller was in our house when I was a kid and my mother handed it down to me.  I honestly can say that it hasn't balled a lot of fruit in our house, but V loves it to play with at the island while we are in the kitchen.  It is perfect for testing her grip. 
  4. SÖT BARNSLIG soft toy:  Say what?  These small IKEA plush toys are so easy for Vivienne's little hands to grab and pass from hand to hand.  
  5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Knob Puzzle:  This isn't the exact puzzle that we have, but its close.  This is another token kitchen island toy.  It stays there and Vivi enjoys grabbing the pieces and throwing them all over the place while seated at the island. 
  6. Sunshine Light-Up Musical Pull String:  This stays strapped to the car seat and is pulled down to light up and play music every time we put V in the car.  She loves it and grabs for it now when she is getting strapped in.   
  7. TITTA DJUR finger puppets:  Say that 3 times fast.  These are similar to the finger puppets we have and again are the perfect size for easy grabbing and tossing around.
  8. MULA Shape Sorter:  This is the newest addition to our toy collection.  So far Vivi loves grabbing the shapes from the box and banging them on the wooden box.  Fun times!
  9. Evenflo Exersaucer Jump & Learn Jam Session:  This is by far the most adored toy we have in the house.  Jumping and jamming is so fun!  
  10. Fisher-Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker:  This toy lives in our master bedroom for now and is a source of lots of entertainment while we are getting dressed in the mornings.  

There you have it.  Vivienne's list.  I'm hoping she will become a recurring contributor to this here blog.  :)


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