Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #29

Our girl is growing so quickly and moving and grooving more and more with each passing day.  She enjoys jumping and jumping and jumping some more and her little legs are so strong.  She loves to say "dada" all of the time when she is talking and that makes Devin's heart swell even though we don't believe she knows she is really saying it.  Vivienne and I made our first mother/daughter road trip to visit with my sister and on the trip she had her first experience with oatmeal and it was a hit.  She was the envy of all her saw her and we got lots and lots of compliments.  During our visit we also took a short dip in the pool and Vivienne LOVED it!  She kicked her legs and waved her arms in the water so well and loves to splash, as was already evident during her bath time!  We love this happy girl and look forward to each new adventure with her.     

These outtakes serve as evidence of her moving and shaking ability!


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