Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #31

Another Week bites the dust folks, and Vivienne is singing right along.  No, really, she loves to sing.  Not only do we have lots of music in our house, but our nanny takes her 2 year old and Vivienne to music classes regularly.  I also sing to her often, and now she likes to sing too!  I love to watch her as she is playing and starts "singing" and banging her toys to make "music".  

She also sings while she "works", because this little love works when she plays.  She focuses so hard on what she is doing that often times, that crazy tongue is required to be out and brows must be furrowed. 

Recently Devin and I both witnessed a little frustration when a toy/shoe/melon baller was taken away from her.  That was a new emotion in the Viv book.  

She has practically perfected the crawl backwards move no matter how hard we tempt her with toys, milk, or the passing by dog or cat to move in the forward motion.  

She has also added homemade organic carrots and applesauce to her dining repertoire.  She will most definitely let me know when she thinks its tasty with a "ummmm" or not with a horrible face.  Love this baby girl so much.  

Week 31

This weeks outtakes are hilarious and I had to include several to show this sequence of events.  The first is super cute and she is happy while blissfully gazing at the window. 

                    Week 31A

The next is getting a little more happy. 

                   Week 31B

Then the joy starts to explode out of her.

Week 31C

Finally she is too ecstatic, it looks a little crazy! 

Week 31D

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