Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Planning a Girl's Bathroom

Now that Vivienne is getting bigger, I have been thinking about her bathroom upstairs and it's need for a makeover. Desperately.  We haven't touched that bathroom since we moved in, other than taking towel bars down and adding hooks.  The floor is vinyl and the baseboards are in dire straits.  I would love to replace the bathroom vanity up there with a double sink in anticipation of a second little one some day and keep it fun and youthful but not too crazy that it can't evolve as the little ones grow.  Here is a quick little color board to show what I have been contemplating.     

Girls BR

Of course our goal is to keep it affordable and yet durable to stand the test of time children.  Below I put together a source list along with the costs for an idea of the budget.

Product 1 

Godmorgon Vanity and Odensvik Sink - IKEA  $399.00

Lundskar Faucet - IKEA                                 $ 99.00

Moen Chrome Vanity Light - Lowe's                $277.08

American Olean Sausalito Tile - Lowe's         $  2.57/sf @50sf

Aqua Source White Dual Flush Toilet - Lowe's  $ 99.99

Product 2 

   Ekby Jarpen/Ekby Stilig Shelf - IKEA                $ 17.99

    Ung Drill Mirror - IKEA                                    $ 39.99


   Bollkaktus Curtains - IKEA                               $ 24.99

   Room Essentials Bath Rug - Target                     $ 19.99

   Trogen Footstool - IKEA                                  $ 19.99

   GRAND TOTAL                                          $1,126.52

The above list shows a couple of items from IKEA that I would modify the color of like the mirror and the step stool.  Nothing that a can of spray paint can't solve!  I can't wait to get up there and rip those nasty floors out!  We must save our pretty pennies in the interim, but there is no time like the present to start planning right?  Right.

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