Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Projects at our house were put on hold for a couple of weeks to enjoy some time with family, say goodbye to loved ones and say hello to new opportunities.  We traveled to West Texas a couple of weekends ago to finally lay Devin's Granny Ree to rest and spend some time with some of his extended family.  It was so nice to be able to share in the love that the Young family has and to remember the Youngs who are no longer with us.  We loved introducing Vivienne to her extended family and it was a joy to see V with her second cousins Olive and Nora Kate.  


Vivienne practiced sharing with Nora Kate.  They were so cute together.

After we said good bye until we meet again to Devin's family, we then worked on helping my sister get moved.  She is moving on to bigger and better things with a new career in another town in Texas.  We are very happy because she is closer to us and she has a pool.  I have to say that the call of the pool helped encourage us to move her since it was a nice reward.  Vivienne LOVES the water.  She is great at kicking and splashing and is actually pretty darn good at floating on her back.  We had so much fun with her in the water.


We were happy to be able to squeeze in a few swims before the warm weather ends here in Texas...which isn't until October typically.  

We are home now and have a few projects in the chute so I hope to share with you our progress soon.  It's like living in a time warp with an infant sometimes.  

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