Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #32

The big 8 months!  It is so hard to believe that our baby girl is getting so big.  Time certainly flies when you're having fun, and fun she is!  I have started having her wear shoes more often now that she is a big girl and she isn't too sure about them.  She loves to play with them in her hands and then when I put them on her, she shakes her feet to get them off.  No fussing, no crying, just shaking.  She eventually resounds herself to the fact that they aren't coming off and goes on with life.  I did notice the other day that when she grabbed the shoe from the changing table while I was doing her hair, she put it down to her foot like she was trying to put it on.  

On the food front, I made her butternut squash and it was a hit.  So far, there hasn't been much that she didn't care for and it shows in her chunky legs!   

She is also perfecting her rolls and is hard to keep still while dressing or changing.  She would much rather roll over and get to moving!  I have a feeling the crawl will happen any day now.   

Week 32

This week's outtakes just go to show how much she loves to roll now!  

 Week 32A

Week 32B

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