Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #33

Vivienne has had a great week 33.  As you read in yesterday's post, she met some extended family members and was able to swim at her auntie's new house.  She loved the pool so much and can't wait to go back to practice her side stroke that her Grandee taught her. :)   

Another milestone she had this week was she has begun sleeping on her side.  It is super cute and she looks so content with one leg up in the running man pose.  

She continues to be more and more mobile and is great at going from a seated position to a belly/ready to crawl position.  She is still very good at pushing herself backwards and sideways, but no forward motion yet.  We think it will happen any day now.  

While traveling over the last few weekends, Vivienne has experienced her first pre-made foods.  She enjoyed the new flavors and mommy enjoyed the convenience.  I really like the Plum Organics brand because they are always certified organic, no GMO and come in nifty little pouches.  It is so easy to squeeze the desired amount on to the spoon for baby V.  She loved them.  We are still doing the home-made organic foods but will add these into the rotation especially with the nanny.  

Week 33

This week's outtakes are brought to you by the letter F.  F is for fun.

 Week 33B

F is for feisty.

Week 33A

F is for fascinated.

Week 33C

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