Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #34

Here we are again, another week down.  Vivienne is growing like a weed and keeping us thoroughly entertained!  Lately she has developed the skill of spitting.  Well it is basically sticking her tongue out and blowing.  Whether it is in disgust, delight or as a sign of being finished like with food or bottle, we are still figuring it out.  

Another big development is that she is going crazy in her crib at night.  She is moving all over the place.  She has also developed the habit of sleeping on her stomach, which scared the bejeezus out of us, but after watching her on the monitor roll herself over and over and over again we decided she was fine.  

 She is on the verge of crawling any day now!  With proper motivation she is going to be a mover.  That motivation usually comes in the shape of a dog or a cat.  

We are practicing our sign language more and more after we attended a baby sign and play class over the weekend.  The class was focused on animals so there is a lot of signing about dogs and cats these days, with a few ducks and pigs thrown in for good measure.     

Week 34

I love this outtake because it looks like she is doing some sweet karate moves!
Week 34A

I love that this one shows her delicately touching the pink dot to see what it is.  
Week 34B

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