Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #35

This time of year starts to get hectic around the Young house and time flies faster than ever.  Things with Vivienne seem to rush by and it's difficult to stop and savor them sometimes.  I cherish these weekly moments to stop and reflect on her latest accomplishments like trying new foods such as cheese, broccoli and pasta.  She is getting so much better at chewing her food and not scaring us to death with choking noises.  

Bed time is quite the adventure these days as she would much rather roll around and practice crawling rather than sleep.  Eventually she will settle down and put her self to sleep like a big girl.  She loves her bed and mommy loves that she loves her bed.

Week 35

I have no doubt that she will become quite the mover and shaker as these outtakes illustrate!

Week 35A

Week 35B

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