Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

As I mentioned in the last Vivienne photo post, we spent the first weekend in October in the fair city of Albuquerque for the annual Balloon Fiesta.  I have been attending the fiesta for as long as I can remember and it was such a blessing to be able to take Vivienne for her very first time!  The one word I can think of to describe Albuquerque in October and the Balloon Fiesta is BREATHTAKING.  Every year that we attend, it simply takes my breath away.  Since we forgot to take our camera to the balloons, we had to make do with our IPhones.  But luckily, Devin managed to capture the event with the cool panoramic feature.  Just see for yourself, breathtaking.

photo 9

What the above picture doesn't capture is the tradition and ritual that is involved.  Mass ascension begins at 7am, so this means you need to arrive prior to 7am.  Our family ritual is to bundle up and head out to the balloon field at 6am.  October in Albuquerque at 6am can be in the 30's so the bundling up is necessary.  Soooo, I jumped at the opportunity to buy Viv some warm clothes!  Clothes that she will not be able to wear in Austin until December at best, so I was super excited to buy a cute puffer vest at Old Navy along with a cute little eared fleece hat.  Adorable brown boots from Target as well as long sleeve shirt, jacket and jeggings.  The key to dressing for the balloons is to layer.  Like I said it can be 35 in the darkness of morning and then 85 when the sun comes up.  Just look at this cuteness!


I abhore selfies, but I had to get this one because lovely V is in it and she is too precious.


This is how Vivi liked to enjoy the experience.  6am is early for her too, so I can't blame the girl for wanting to lay down.


After the balloons had taken off, there was still plenty to do and see.  There are tons of delicious food vendors selling New Mexico's best food, chili!  Red or green, that is the question.  This year there was a car show and lots of kids activities,  like a zip line and walk on water (picture kids in big blown up balls rolling around on a pool).  There are plenty of shopping opportunities as well to buy balloon merchandise.  We had to buy Viv another inflatable balloon as is tradition now.

And a stuffed balloon man.


Of course there were these things...check out Vivienne's shades!


All in all, it was a great trip and we can't wait to get back to visit friends and family in Albuquerque again soon!




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