Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Loft...An Improvement

I figured it was time to provide an update on our loft as it stands now.  Way back when I talked about the new layout and changes we were going to make in the loft, it looked like this.  

Bamboo Shade 002

Well, after a little painter's tape and white paint I had in the garage, this happened.  

Loft Progress
  We moved the large brown shelf that housed Devin's record collection and some of my books into our master bedroom for my book and other stuff storage.  I wanted to streamline the record storage while at the same time combining the record storage with the turntables.  We ended up with this. 


We used two IKEA Expedit shelves, a piece of wood and some IKEA Capita legs to create the turntable/record storage system.  We simply attached the legs to the bottom of the wood that we had stained a dark brown and sat it on the top of the Expedit shelf.  This allowed for space under the turntables for the components.  I recycled our existing IKEA Lack shelf above the station to place the speakers.  The speaker situation still needs a little TLC, possibly painting the speakers and definitely figuring out some cord management for the speaker wire.  It is a definite improvement thus far to the space.  

On the opposite side of the room, I used my drafting table to designate the creative zone with all of the art supplies.  It is still in desperate need of steps.  

I really love how the addition of the stripe added a little character to the space, especially since this will also be a play area for Vivienne.  I have plans to change the cover of the ottoman so that tan will be going away!  


Like I said, baby steps.  It has gone from this...

Bamboo Shade 002
  to this...


Yay! :)


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