Friday, November 1, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #40

Week 40 has come and gone and I can't believe there are only 12 more weeks until Viv turns 1!  This year is flying by and our hearts are filled with so much joy for our little family.  Vivi is growing strong and has developed some new skills.  

She has successfully been drinking from a cup.  Yup like a big girl.  She can also drink from a sippy and we are working on the straw, but she is definitely venturing out from the bottle.  She loves to eat eggs and toast and has had grilled cheese.  We are not sure about peanut butter, she may have had a slight reaction...keeping an eye on that one.

She has also discovered the animals toys and LOVES Roxie's squeaker ball and Lillie's stick.  She will squeeze the ball for ever making it squeak and making Roxie really excited.  The stick (which is about 3 foot long) she will wave around excitedly and occasionally Lillie will pounce it.  When Lillie pounces, Vivi gets super excited and then chases her off.  It is too cute!  

We took Viv to a mom's Meetup group Halloween party and she met some other babies about her age.  It was nice to find a group that we can potentially have play dates with in the future.  

Week 40

This week we took Viv's picture on the floor which was nice because she couldn't fall off anything but then it was free reign for her to crawl around.  The days of the pictures on the back may be gone...

Week 40b

Week 40a


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