Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #41

Vivienne is doing well.  She just got over a cold/minor ear infection and is on the rebound.  The illness really didn't slow her down and we are thankful for that.  Our nanny informed us that she fed herself some peas, but we have yet to witness a self feeding session yet.  We need to practice that more and Roxie agrees, she likes to "clean" up the floor after Vivienne eats.  

The latest development is Viv clapping her hands.  It is so cute to see her applauding randomly and how she gets so excited to clap.  She will be in the middle of a crawl and stop to sit and clap for a bit.  Too too cute! 

These photos were difficult to take because she does not want to be on her back when she can be cruisin' man!  I will have to develop a new method.  

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