Friday, November 15, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #42

Life has been in the fast lane with Vivienne this last week.  The girl is speedy, like Speedy Gonzales fast!  Viv has perfected her crawl and is able to get from A to B within a blink of an eye.  She is also quick to get to her feet any chance she can.  She is becoming more stable every day and we have witnessed on several occasions her standing freely for a few seconds before holding on again.  She will walk her way around the ottoman in our living room or to one end of the couch and back.  Practice makes perfect folks, and she will soon be walking I'm sure.  

Viv also loves music.  She loves to "make music" with whatever she can bang together, shake or wave around.  On a few occasions I have seen her start dancing when she makes one of her toys play a song.  It is the cutest thing ever.  

I am still working on the adjustment her new found mobility has required me to make.  I have decided that if she is holding something in her hands, I have a better chance of her being still for 5 seconds while I rapidly snap photos.  Hence why she is holding these blocks this week.  

As you can see in this outtake, the blocks became another musical instrument that she can clap together to make a sound.  She LOVES it...

and then she was off again.

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