Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #46

As Christmas is rounding the corner quickly, I am loving every minute with our baby girl.  To see her discover all things Christmas is a joy.  She loves our Christmas tree and will "gently" pull off her favorite ornament from the bottom to play with.  She will then try ever so cautiously to place it back on the tree, then repeat several times.  She has also been enjoying Christmas music since Halloween basically thanks to dad.  She is quite good at playing her jingle bells as we sing to her.  She loves it!  

She is getting stronger and stronger on her legs and has actually taken a few steps on her own before falling to her bottom.  

We have seen no evidence of teeth yet but she does LOVE her teething toy and pretty much carries it around everywhere to chew on whenever she needs to.  All she wants for Christmas is her two bottom teeth...

Week 46

We were doing pretty good during this photo session...

Week 46A

then someone broke up the party!  Vivi loves Roxie!

Week 46B

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