Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #27

Week 27 has come and with it came some new firsts for Vivienne.  She enjoyed her first swing ride at the neighborhood park, she found it so relaxing that she fell asleep.  I think it reminded her of her baby swing at home that she has grown out of and I'm sure misses a little.  She is doing lots of moving around lately and is scooting pretty successfully on her belly during tummy time.  She is also pushing herself while on her back with her legs, mostly while on the changing table, which scares me to death and makes it a little difficult to change a poopy diaper.  :)  Her favorite activity in the evening is to jump on dad.  She has the jumping action down, and basically just needs dad to hold her while she jumps on his lap.  She loves for him to lift her up high to "fly" a little.  She continues to stick her tongue out mostly when she is so happy and excited and this weeks pictures definitely reflect that.

"Yay! Pictures are so fun mom!"

"You are so funny with that camera mom!"

"Wait, are we still taking pictures mom?"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #26

Every week is such a blessing with this precious girl!  She is developing such a personality with lots of new verbalization, ok mostly shrieks of joy, hunger, and/or tiredness.  Her new adventures in solid foods include green beans (jury is still out on her fondness) and sweet potatoes (she enjoyed them greatly, as in she swallowed them).  I have been making her food at home with organic produce, and so far it is working out.  I feel like it is a cost savings to us and more reassuring that we at least know what is in the food she eats.  She has also had her 6 month visit with the pediatrician.  It went very well and she has grown an inch and is right on track as far as the standard percentiles.  She is so much fun and has the most infectious laugh.   

We have not seen or felt any teeth, but she likes to chew on her hands, maybe they are coming soon.  

Her tongue noises are hilarious and this outtake captured it in action!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #25

Our baby girl is growing like crazy!  Vivienne is now officially a DIY helper as she "assisted" me in the loft over the weekend.  It was more of a probationary period to determine her skills as a helper and she passed.  This weekend I fully expect her to help with sewing and painting and all the other areas that need to be addressed up there.  Honestly, she did hang out with me up there in her exer-saucer and play while I worked.  It was then nice and convenient to put her down for a nap in her room while I was up there also.  It was a nice trial run for how I see the loft space functioning in the future with her.  I will also be able to do laundry easily with her hanging out up there as the laundry room is right next to the loft.  She continues her progression development wise, and is still sitting strong and wanting to move more while seated.  She is bending over to grab toys while seated really well.  When she gets tired she will gently fall back and tack a rest on her back.  It has been so fun to see her little personality blossom over the last few weeks like when she is doing raspberries with her mouth out of excitement. 

As you can tell in this outtake, she is super interested in what is going on around her.  

She mostly continues to be a happy baby and makes us laugh on a daily basis.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lofty Plans

Remember our Loft?  You know, the neglected catch all area on our second floor that we pass through with closed eyes on the way to our master bedroom every day...yeah that one.  Some changes have been underway up there.  With our baby girl growing and the inevitable toy collection that she will one day have, I decided it was time to add her space requirements to the mix in the loft.  We haven't done much up there since I added the bamboo shade to the window in this post of yore.  

That picture looks nice and pretty and then you pan over to the other side of the still pretty much looked like this, but worse.  

We never really spent much time up there and it ended up being the place for all the miscellaneous stuff/activities i.e. screen printing, sewing, art making, record scratching etc.  The various uses for the space makes a it difficult space to plan.  But I have started.  It if far from finished but I thought I would tease you a bit with the plan.

The plan started with these fundamental ideas.  
  1. Create something more permanent and attractive for the turn tables, various equipment and incorporate record storage. 
  2. Arrange furniture for a flexible use.
  3. Create zones for art, music, chillaxin' and Vivienne. 
  4. Change up the yellow paint.
  5. De-clutter, less is more!
The plan on paper looks like this.  The main goal was to use as much existing as possible and then add new as needed.   

The number one item on the list above (turntable/storage piece) was the only new item we had to create/buy, not counting the future TV/Storage piece at the bottom of the plan, that is to be determined if and when we decide to add a television to the space. 

For the turntables, I surfed around online to see what other people had created and found several do-able options.  This site was awesome and provided several pictures of setups using IKEA Expedit shelves that are perfect for record storage...we have the large one in the loft currently.  This image is most like what we have decided to build.  

So there you have it, the plan for the loft.  I can't wait to have a clean, organized, comfortable, creative, and most of all fun space to enjoy with our baby girl.  The transformation is in process, so hopefully I can be back next week to share our progress.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #24

This week marks Vivienne's 6 month milestone!  I can't believe our baby girl is half a year old!  I feel like she has accomplished so much in the last week like signing for milk.  She gets very excited when she is hungry and we sign to her for milk and we have noticed her signing as well.  She is also becoming very articulate lately and Devin and I both swear she says Dada when she sees him.  It could be totally coincidence but it sure sounds like it.  Like I mentioned in our 4th of July post yesterday, she had her first swimming experience at my mom's over the weekend and at a small water park with the family where she went under the water for the first time too.  She has also had her first banana and first avocado.  She loved the banana, not too sure about avocado.  With this big week of firsts, we cannot wait to see what she can do next.  We are so grateful for a healthy and happy baby girl.

She is so vocal these days and you can definitely tell when she is happy and not so much.  Her feet still make her so happy!

She also continues to do some good tongue work...hilarious!

Happy half birthday my beautiful girl!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun For the Fourth

Our little family made a trek to West Texas for the 4th of July to celebrate with great friends and family.  It was so great to be together again and hang out and catch up while the kids played together pretty much non-stop in the pool my mom had set up for them.  It was also the first time that my grandmother and all of her great grand kids were together at the same time.  It was the perfect photo opportunity! 

The two on the ends are my cousin Sarah's two kiddos Adria and Damon, my granny is holding Vivienne and next to her is Lydia who is my cousin Bianca's little one.  It was a blast to see them all interact.  Our good friends were also able to join us with their two little ones, Silas and Giana.  We are all so far apart geographically, it is nice to have the opportunity to get together every now and then. 

The pool at my mother's house was pretty much the hit with the kids and she also put up a small pool for Viv.  It was her first time to "swim".  She thought it was pretty cool!

We trust all of you had a great Independence Day, and hope you had as much fun as we did!  


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #23

Besides being totally Amazing, Vivienne has made some significant new developments this week.  She has had her first bites of food.  Organic rice cereal with dashes of various spices to be exact.  She is still getting the hang of opening her mouth for the spoon and then swallowing the food.  She seems to love the different flavors that the spices provide and hopefully this will broaden her pallet and we won't have a picky eater on our hands.  I told Devin I already have one picky eater in this house and I don't need hint, his name rhymes with Kevin. ;)  She continues to sit up very well and now likes to rock back and forth as she is sitting.  She is now sitting up in her baby tub in the big tub and enjoys touching the water coming from the hand held shower and splashing the water with her arms and legs.  This week's picture is in keeping with the spirit of our celebration of Independence Day on Thursday.  She looks good with stars and stripes I think!

For the outtakes, I captured a good tongue pic. 

I love the pose she is making in this one, unfortunately my hand is in the frame with her rattle.  It's a good "behind the scenes" picture though of how we keep the smiles coming for her pictures.  

She loves her that make noise in general.  

We wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July!  Enjoy!
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