Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #31

Another Week bites the dust folks, and Vivienne is singing right along.  No, really, she loves to sing.  Not only do we have lots of music in our house, but our nanny takes her 2 year old and Vivienne to music classes regularly.  I also sing to her often, and now she likes to sing too!  I love to watch her as she is playing and starts "singing" and banging her toys to make "music".  

She also sings while she "works", because this little love works when she plays.  She focuses so hard on what she is doing that often times, that crazy tongue is required to be out and brows must be furrowed. 

Recently Devin and I both witnessed a little frustration when a toy/shoe/melon baller was taken away from her.  That was a new emotion in the Viv book.  

She has practically perfected the crawl backwards move no matter how hard we tempt her with toys, milk, or the passing by dog or cat to move in the forward motion.  

She has also added homemade organic carrots and applesauce to her dining repertoire.  She will most definitely let me know when she thinks its tasty with a "ummmm" or not with a horrible face.  Love this baby girl so much.  

Week 31

This weeks outtakes are hilarious and I had to include several to show this sequence of events.  The first is super cute and she is happy while blissfully gazing at the window. 

                    Week 31A

The next is getting a little more happy. 

                   Week 31B

Then the joy starts to explode out of her.

Week 31C

Finally she is too ecstatic, it looks a little crazy! 

Week 31D

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #30

Vivienne has officially rolled over during her week 30!  She first did it at the nanny's and then we witnessed it a couple of days later.  We are so thrilled for this milestone and I think she is too.  She enjoys the cheers and celebration that comes with each roll.  She loves to laugh and thinks it is hilarious when you make your voice go up and down.  Her laughs are becoming more distinctive also.  You can hear the difference in when she is laughing a little and laughing really hard.  Her personality is just sprouting every day.  She likes when I sing to her and really enjoys grabbing my lips as I sing to her before bed, this is often a reminder to me that I need to trim her claws nails.  They are sharp little daggers.  On the food front, she had summer squash and really liked it.  We went through it very quickly as she is starting to eat more solids. 

It was so difficult to decide what photo to use this week, so these outtakes were the close contenders.  This one didn't have enough of her face showing, but I loved her examining her toes.  

This one captured her super cute smile but in the end the tongue won!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Loft Progress

UPDATE:  We are making progress in the loft and hope to have a post with all the goodies next week.  For now I have been painting with a little help from Devin (begrudgingly so) but I look forward to organizing and putting things back in place this weekend!  Here is a little teaser of what we have been doing.  

Needless to say, there is more to be done.  Can't wait to share the final outcome with you all.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #29

Our girl is growing so quickly and moving and grooving more and more with each passing day.  She enjoys jumping and jumping and jumping some more and her little legs are so strong.  She loves to say "dada" all of the time when she is talking and that makes Devin's heart swell even though we don't believe she knows she is really saying it.  Vivienne and I made our first mother/daughter road trip to visit with my sister and on the trip she had her first experience with oatmeal and it was a hit.  She was the envy of all her saw her and we got lots and lots of compliments.  During our visit we also took a short dip in the pool and Vivienne LOVED it!  She kicked her legs and waved her arms in the water so well and loves to splash, as was already evident during her bath time!  We love this happy girl and look forward to each new adventure with her.     

These outtakes serve as evidence of her moving and shaking ability!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Bathroom

Just like the one I used to know.  Ok, so I don't believe I have ever had a white bathroom, but that is how the song know, White Christmas.  But I digress.  Our downstairs bathroom has been in need of a makeover since we moved in, but since it was the livable as is, it has not been touched.  Well, I have lived about as long as I would like to with the horrible vinyl floors, builder special vanity, and brown painted walls.  This is how it looked prior to us moving in.  

Here is a picture after I added a framed mirror, and pretty much how it looks today.  

So when I'm not doing, I'm planning.  I would love to paint the walls white. Tile the floor in white hexagon tile.  Add a new white vanity with drawers instead of doors with a vessel sink on top of a butcher block counter.  The idea of wood being the only color in the space is intriguing and the texture is beautiful.  I would also get extra long curtains for the bath tub to bring the eye up to the 9 foot ceilings.  Finish it off with a little sparkle of chrome here and there and voila, a clean white bathroom.  For now I could make some baby steps and break out the white paint that we already have...we will see. 

I guess August is the month of bathroom planning because I found this color board I created in August of last year.  You can see I have been dreaming of a white bathroom for a while now.  The same elements are present.  White tile, wood grain, and white curtain.  Funny.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vivienne's Weekly Photo #28

7 months came very quickly and with it came a little cold courtesy of a jump house Vivienne visited with her nanny and her 2 year old.  They both came down with a cold and us mom's in turn got the sniffles.  It barely phased Viv with the exception of sleep being disrupted due to stuffiness, otherwise she was her normal happy self.  She now can see the nose bulb coming and will turn her head back and forth to prevent the nose probe.  But after having her mucus sucked out she would inhale deeply to see if she could breath better.  It was so funny.  Before the cold broke out, we were able to enjoy a long walk and picnic as a little family.  Dad, Roxie, Vivienne and I walked down to our neighborhood park (Viv officially rode) for a ride on the swings, picnic and soccer playing.  The temperature was rather toasty that day so we made the trip a quick one.  We look forward to taking that walk more often as the days start cooling off in the Fall.  

These outtakes show her in action.  She loves to kick her legs and flap her arms while on her back.  

This one shows how she is starting to push herself on her back with her feet and arch her back to almost roll over.  It helps if you have your tongue out also.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top Ten Baby Toys

According to Vivienne, these are the top rated toys in our house.  They are her "go-to" toys that she plays with almost on a daily basis.  Enjoy.  

  1. Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether:  The loud squeaker is the favorite thing about Sophie at this point and is the keep to getting such cute smiles in our weekly pictures.  Hopefully in the future, she will come in handy as an actual teether.  
  2. Garanimals Pink Plush Hippo Rattle:  The rattle noise is a hit and V loves to shake shake rattle and roll with her.     
  3. Old Tupperware Melon Baller:  This old melon baller was in our house when I was a kid and my mother handed it down to me.  I honestly can say that it hasn't balled a lot of fruit in our house, but V loves it to play with at the island while we are in the kitchen.  It is perfect for testing her grip. 
  4. SÖT BARNSLIG soft toy:  Say what?  These small IKEA plush toys are so easy for Vivienne's little hands to grab and pass from hand to hand.  
  5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Knob Puzzle:  This isn't the exact puzzle that we have, but its close.  This is another token kitchen island toy.  It stays there and Vivi enjoys grabbing the pieces and throwing them all over the place while seated at the island. 
  6. Sunshine Light-Up Musical Pull String:  This stays strapped to the car seat and is pulled down to light up and play music every time we put V in the car.  She loves it and grabs for it now when she is getting strapped in.   
  7. TITTA DJUR finger puppets:  Say that 3 times fast.  These are similar to the finger puppets we have and again are the perfect size for easy grabbing and tossing around.
  8. MULA Shape Sorter:  This is the newest addition to our toy collection.  So far Vivi loves grabbing the shapes from the box and banging them on the wooden box.  Fun times!
  9. Evenflo Exersaucer Jump & Learn Jam Session:  This is by far the most adored toy we have in the house.  Jumping and jamming is so fun!  
  10. Fisher-Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker:  This toy lives in our master bedroom for now and is a source of lots of entertainment while we are getting dressed in the mornings.  

There you have it.  Vivienne's list.  I'm hoping she will become a recurring contributor to this here blog.  :)


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