Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vivienne's Weekly Photos #47,48,49

What can I say, the holidays took over and I didn't get baby girl's pictures posted!  Better late than never I guess.  I'm now in the throws of planning a first birthday party for baby V.  I'm so very excited for her to celebrate the big day!  Since my last post, we traveled to my sister's house for Christmas.  Viv made out like a bandit like we expected.  So many new toys that we have to rotate them out so she isn't too overwhelmed.  Even though Viv received so many nice things for her first Christmas, the best thing at Christmas were my sister's cats.  She LOVED them and would squeal in delight when she touched them.  Vivi gets closer and closer to walking every day.  She is feeding herself like a pro and pretty much will eat anything.   

 Week 48

Week 49

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