Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A mostly Finished Girls' Bathroom

Eureka!  It is complete...well mostly.  We have been enjoying an updated bathroom for Viv and her future sister for several weeks now and it is fabulous.


To recap, here is the before...

and here is the first coat of primer after the cabinet had been removed, new tile installed, new toilet installed and new baseboards installed.  


I honestly can't remember if we did one or two coats of primer...but then the white paint went up.  With my NO-LADDERS allowed law with pregnancy, Devin did the cut in at the ceiling and around the top of the tub tile.  Must be nice to be tall...thanks hubby!


The most exciting part was getting the new vanity and sink top in.  We went from a single sink to a double sink thanks to this little bargain from IKEA.  We happened to stumble upon our ideal sink cabinet and sink top in the AS-IS department of IKEA for $114.50 and the sink top for $20.  Yup total cabinet for $134.50!  It was meant to be!



The plumbing was a little tricky, but nothing the dynamic trio couldn't handle.  


I took the opportunity while we were working in there to re-caulk the bathtub as it was in dire straits.  Getting all the old stuff out was torture but well worth it!


I'm pretty much in love with the final result and so happy to have sparkling clean new bathroom for my babies!  The final step is to get the frame for the mirror built and installed.  Maybe that will be finished before baby #2 arrives...wishful thinking!






Next up...Viv's big girl room and a nursery face lift.  The clock is ticking!

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