Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Girl's Bathroom Has Begun

Remember back in September when I was planning a renovation of Vivienne's bathroom?  No?  Well let me jog your memory.  

Girls BR

Since it is official that we are having another girl, we can move forward with having a hint of pink in the girl's bathroom.  Some things have changed since I did this color board, but the main functional parts are the same like the tile on the floor, the sink and cabinet.  

Before we get to the details, let me remind you of how the bathroom looked before.  We did nothing to this room when we moved in other than add the shower curtain and accessories.  

IMG_2159 IMG_2161

My mom came to town a couple of weekends ago to help start the project as I am not able to do all I want in my "delicate condition" :).  But before she arrived, Devin started the demolition...with a special helper.



As you can see from the above photo, there is a little moisture on the wall behind the cold water shut off valve.  Well, we had a little snafu when taking the cabinet out.  In order to remove the cabinet away from the plumbing, we had to cut out the back of the cabinet significantly.  During the cutting, Devin nicked the copper line and a small geyser erupted.  No worries, because Devin superbly soldered and repaired the pipe and installed a new shutoff valve.  I was thoroughly impressed, and relieved.


Mom arrived just in time to complete the demolition, toilet removal.  Yay mom!  


With the toilet successfully removed and the floor swept and cleaned up, mom and Devin put the Hardiboard down.  The first piece was relatively easy with precise measuring for where the toilet drain went.  The next piece required a template the mom ingeniously created out of some butcher paper we had.  


It fit like a glove, so they glued it down with construction adhesive and screwed it to the sub-floor with Hardiboard screws.  



Don't get me wrong, this all sounds straight forward and simple, but getting the backer-board down is probably the hardest part of this project so far.  This picture illustrates that the best.


We then were able to start tiling...finally!  We used the Daltile white mosaic tile from Home Depot that I talked about here.  It was the look I wanted for the price that had me at hello.  


Mom knocked the tile laying out of the park!  I assisted by saying move it this way and move it that way and offering moral support.  That's how good of a Project Manager I am ;)!


It was late into the morning hours when all the tile was down and we could call it a night.  It already was looking AWESOME...


The bummer was that we had to wait until the following afternoon to grout.  But Devin got in there and grouted like a champ, again with me cheering him on and rinsing the sponge.  


What a difference a little grout makes!  I am in love with our newly tiled floor and new dual flush toilet.  You can see here the beginnings of the new baseboards going in.  


I finished up the baseboards and got them caulked and pretty with a little helper of course.  Vivienne will be a little handy ma'am soon and that makes mommy very proud.

Next up:  Vertical surfaces!  Some priming and painting is happening my friends!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby #2- It's Official

Baby 2

After multiple doctor's visits and several ultrasounds, we are officially have a baby girl.  I am beyond ecstatic.  I would have been happy either way, but to know that Vivienne will have a sister makes my heart warm.  I'm sad that Devin won't get his son, but sometimes these things happen for a reason.  I know he will be a great father to two daughters and I think Vivienne agrees as she thinks he hung the moon.  #2 will also I know!  

We have begun the exhausting task of deciding on a name, and it is proving to be extremely difficult.  We knocked it out of the park with Vivienne, now the pressure is on for the sequel.  Sequels are always difficult.  We will find something equally great I'm sure, but the clock is ticking.  July will be here before we know it!

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